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Community engagement is an important part of the ethical conduct of biomedical research and in particular HIV cure research. Community engagement is multi-faceted.  Community advice and input is imperative so that all aspects of the research portfolio, conduct of clinical trials and engagement activities is responsive to local and national priorities and concerns. Since HIV cure research is relatively new, it is also imperative to increase the literacy of the community about the definition of cure in the context of HIV, HIV cure research methodologies and the associated challenges of discovering and implementing a cure for HIV.


CAB members provide feedback on issues related to cure research, clinical trials and the community:

Informed Consent

Compensation for Participants

Protection for Participants

Ensuring Involvement of Diverse Populations

Design and Implementation of Community Engagement Activities

Community Education


The CARE CAB has defined three areas of focus:

Community Engagement and Outreach

MDC National Group Representation

Clinical Trial Review


MDC National CAB

2 representatives provide a voice for the CARE CAB at MDC National CAB Meetings


Community Engagement

In collaboration with 2BeatHIV promotes community level integration of HIV cure science with medical care and prevention services.


AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) CAB Liaisons

Represent CARE CAB interests and concerns regarding human subject trial for CARE protocols reviewed by institutional ACTG’s.