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“How did the Berlin patient rid himself of HIV?”


“HIV rebound dashes hope of ‘Mississippi baby’ cure”


“Timothy Ray Brown Has Been Cured of HIV/AIDS—Now He’s Committed to Helping Find Cures for Everyone”


HIV Research Timeline

Major events in HIV cure research from 1996-2016.


Why Pursue a More Definitive Cure for HIV/AIDS

HIV-associated complications persist despite viral control. We need to find a cure; otherwise, HIV will remain a chronic viral infection with the potential to cause and spread lethal disease…


Timothy Ray Brown

Timothy Ray Brown is the first and only known person to have been cured of HIV…


The Martin Delaney Collaboratories

CARE is part of the Martin Delaney Collaboratory: Towards an HIV-1 Cure, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored program known as named in honor of the late AIDS activist, Martin Delaney…


HIV/AIDS Facts in N.C., the U.S., and Worldwide

In 2013, the estimated number of HIV diagnoses in adults and adolescents was 1,664…